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This book puts into practice the memory aids recommended by  the great memory teachers and virtually every "memory expert" because 

  • it uses pictures you will see in your own mind to remind you of the  word's meaning;                                                                                 
  • it helps you remember everything from Hebrew vocabulary and grammar   to the names of the Prophets and more.                                                  

If you are just beginning or at any level in the  study of Hebrew or Jewish Culture you would apply   these  and supercharge your ability to remember.

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"A Better Way To Teach,

              A Better Way To Learn"

  •  Students:
    • Are you tired of trying to learn Hebrew by rote and minutes later you are confused as to what word means what?

    • Would you like to learn Hebrew words in a method that is fun but also gives you much better retention than any other way?

    • Do you feel like you're on a treadmill when you learn a word one week only to go back the next week and having to learn the same word again and again?

  • Teachers:

    • Are you discouraged because you're tired of having to face your students who seem bored almost to the point of being unruly?

    • Would  you like their Hebrew education to be so interesting that they actually look forward to your class?

    • Would you like to achieve real job satisfaction because you are providing a real learning experience to your students who are excited to go to your class?

    • Imagine parents telling you they notice a great improvement in attitude?


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Review date: 07/30/2007
Dear Herb:
 I just finished your book and wanted to share with you that you were right on... I learned while I laughed. An additional benefit of your methods is that they encourage the imagination - especially the crazy kind. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and learned mnemonic techniques which will probably stay with me from this point on, since every time I will wish to forget them, an image of a woman asking for a get will pop into my mind... I'm hooked !!!. Thank you for sharing it with me. Take care,
Daniel Chejfec                                         
Executive Director
Central Kentucky Jewish Federation
1050 Chinoe Rd, Suite 302
Lexington, KY 40502

 Who can improve their Hebrew with this book? 

This book helps you learn whether you read it as a student
and/or teacher as shown here by Joan:
Review date: 09/19/2007
Dear Herb,
 …I am enjoying your book tremendously. I have learned the months, the Ten Commandments, the prophets and writings (almost) and am working on the names of the vowels. This is a great system, and, as you have said, is really fun.
As a teacher, I am going to try using your illustrations with the Hay class students who seem to want to learn more Hebrew.
Wishing you a happy and a healthy New Year.

Joan Zuckerman

Or as experienced as Stu in this excerpt :  
Review date: 07/30/2007
...Now, for someone who has lived in Israel for the past 15 years, I picked up the copy of the book that Herb had handed me and was not expecting much. Boy was I wrong. After 5 minutes I was already using Herb's techniques to remember things. Just amazing. Easy to use, fun. Funny. A useful addition to the Hebrew beginner's library. And as it turns out it is helpful to us "advanced" users.     
Stuart Schrader, Director,
FSU Activities, The Unit for Resource Development and Public Affairs , The Jewish Agency for Israel

(The above is solely the personal opinion of Stuart Schrader and the inclusion of his professional title is not meant to imply an endorsement by his employer.)

Read Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow's remarks and imagine how these techniques can change your (and your students') entire outlook towards Hebrew and Jewish Culture and make it fun again to teach and learn.

By the way, as long as your interest is in learning memory techniques as it applies to Hebrew and Jewish Culture it doesn't matter your starting point as shown by:


Recently, Herb Fried presented an overview of his book, Crazy Herb’s..., to the three congregations which make up the Downtown Alliance of Churches in Fort Myers, Florida: First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, and First United Methodist Church. Everyone was captivated by Herb’s wit and interesting way of teaching the basics of the Hebrew language and key events in Jewish history. The event also became a delightful experience in building more communicative, healthy Jewish/Christian relationships.
–Winford L. Hendrix, Transition Pastor,
First Baptist Church of Fort Myers, Florida. 

Note that all the above testimonials are real, unsolicited, uncompensated and each individual can be contacted for verification.


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  •  "If you're not laughing, you're not learning."

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